Sunday, August 5, 2012

Never forget :)

Daripada Ibnu Umar RA, Rasullulah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud : “Doa yang paling segera dimakbulkan ialah doa secara ghaib (tanpa pengetahuan orang yang didoakan itu).” (Riwayat Abu Daud dan Tirmidzi).

Yeah, true. We all do pray for ourselves. And for the ones we love. However, have you ever felt like Allah granted only half of your dua? Granted the part where it benefits people we care. As if, you pray for them, they're happy. You pray for yourself, hardly anything alike? Oh I did. I used to have this negativity hiding somewhere in my thoughts. I was thinking, is this some kind of a challenge?

Nahh, i was wrong. From Abu Darda’ RA, the prophet pbuh said that you pray happiness for someone else, and the angels will pray the same for you.

A little reminder for everyone, including myself, if we succeed, never never ever forget those who love us. They've been praying. Just without our knowledge.

Alwayyyss be positive and be happy for happy people around us!

And guess what? Whatever happens, happens. Just pray that you could go through them with an open heart and filled with His blessings.

Wallahualam Hissawab. Allah knows best.