Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Miserable? Hmm?

Have you ever felt so downnnnn that you want to cry your heart out?

Feeling as if you failed in everything?
Failed to be a good child to your parents? Failed to make them proud?
Failed to be a good friend? Failed to understand?
Failed to be a good girlfriend?
Failed to be a good sister?
Failed to comfort yourself?
Failed to comfort the ones you care about?
Feeling useless? And when you come to think about it, it's just kinda true?
Failed to get what you want?
Life's miserable isn't it? Pathetic you, you say?
Go cry.

And sleep.

Pray to Him. Tell Him everyyythinggggg. Tell Him and cry.
You'll be fine, InsyaAllah :)

#NowPlaying All Time Low - Remembering Sunday

Roommate, roommate

Hmm come to think about roommate. Last night before I slept I pretty much worried about my roommate-to-be. I've never been in hostels or boarding school so...the roommate thing is kinda new for me.
Back in Palam during asasi, I met this amazing girl named MAHALIA LYANA from Kemaman, Terengganu :) she's my first roommate everrr. Anddd I was sooo grateful for her. She's noiceee :3

The one in brown tudung, budak cantik tu :3


Hopefully, I'll get someone as nice as Lya as my roommate in degree :/ anddddd Lya gets someone like me as well heheheheheh. Tak terkejut pun kalau roommate Lya malas mandi nanti, sebab influence Lya ni hikhik XD hehe GURAUUU LYAA, jangan buat mata O.O

She came with her sister all the way from Kemaman to Shah Alam just for the foundation's official transcript. So this morning I brought them to UiTM. Ngee rinduuuuuu! It was quick but it's okayy hmm. They were to go elsewhere after that.

She'll be studying in UiTM Shah Alam. So we're not thatttt far apart :)
Jumpa lagi Lyaaa and Kak Jiji hehehe mummy cakap thanks for the keropok ganuu :3
sayang lya! :*