Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's extend :)

FELLOW READERS, thank you for dropping by :)
Today is a Saturday. 23rd of June 2012. Woo looking at the year 2012, I feel so sophisticated. Haha and suffocated as well.
According to the Islamic calender, today is the 3rd of Sya'ban 1433H. That means we're now less than one month from Ramadhan.
Sya'ban is a good month. We'll be rewarded more than usual for our every good deeds. MasyaAllah, how bountiful Allah is. So let's extend. :)

Me myself is not good, I admit. But I want to be better. I'm growing older everyday. Trying to be better everyday.

I can't wait for Ramadhan.
This year's gonna be slightly different from last year's. Because last year I celebrated Ramadhan at Palam with my friends. I remember how we had sahur and break fast together :') awhh gonna miss that :'(

Whatever it is, I really hope I'm given the chance to fast again this year. Looking forward for Ramadhan.

InsyaAllah :)