Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quin and Percy :)

Last week mummy came out with an idea of having cats at home.
CATS. They are my biggest fear since forever, besides clowns -.-"
I went all against her but the rest of the family agreed. As expected, I LOST. So we went to the Citta Mall near Subang Airport to get those cats.
Here are photos of them.
A male Persian. His name is PERCY. 7 months old.

It's a she. QUIN's from British Shorthair Mix species. 7 months old.

Onyonyonyo :3 Come on kitties, make cute babies for me to sell! MUEHEHEHE :D alright I was joking

Yes yes I live with them at home. I watch tv, eat, read, sing, cry, play, EVERYTHING, with cross-legged. Because they attack legs T.T

I hope one day I'm brave enough to carry them like abah and adik do. And cats. I. Will. Try. My. Best. To. Be. A. Good. Owner. K. Bye.


  1. First reaction- MUAHAMUAHAMUAHAMUAHA!!!! be a good "mother" k!!! MIAW MIAW!!

    1. HAHAHAHA KEJAM T.T meow pink muka penyet awak sihat lagi? haha