Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quin and Percy :)

Last week mummy came out with an idea of having cats at home.
CATS. They are my biggest fear since forever, besides clowns -.-"
I went all against her but the rest of the family agreed. As expected, I LOST. So we went to the Citta Mall near Subang Airport to get those cats.
Here are photos of them.
A male Persian. His name is PERCY. 7 months old.

It's a she. QUIN's from British Shorthair Mix species. 7 months old.

Onyonyonyo :3 Come on kitties, make cute babies for me to sell! MUEHEHEHE :D alright I was joking

Yes yes I live with them at home. I watch tv, eat, read, sing, cry, play, EVERYTHING, with cross-legged. Because they attack legs T.T

I hope one day I'm brave enough to carry them like abah and adik do. And cats. I. Will. Try. My. Best. To. Be. A. Good. Owner. K. Bye.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Somebody that I used to know

I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT I LOVE THIS SONG MUCHH. So shut up and listen ;;)

One step closer :)

Alhamdulillah. Thank You Allah for lending me another day to witness Your greatness.
So on the 23rd of March 2012, we sat for our very last final exam paper. Once the time is up, we're officially no longer Asasians. That was the day when my life begins haha. We're now one step closer to archive our goals :')
If I were to write everything about Palam, I would probably need more than 2 days. So here I'll display some pictures to share the story :)
My group, C8. Classmates, each of everyone of you are awesome in your own way <3
Ahh I simply love Miss Nhawal. So pweeetyyy :D
Housemates! At Palam, no one knows me better than you girls do. I love you all! *hugs and kisses*
Sleeping mates. Best friends forever! *hits each other*
my messy bed and chaotic study table
p/s : this only happens during finals :X
my very-full-overload-lovely-wardrobe. Don't judge me
Last but not least, the one who caught my attention, stole my heart. He was never part of my plan but I am so glad I met him :)

I'd like to thank everyone for everything. May Allah bless us all. So long, goodbye for now until we meet again :')
Lots of love.