Thursday, January 5, 2012


There are so many things left unexplained. Left unknown. That is why we have to figure out.
HOWEVER there are few common things, might not be bothered by some of us, but might kill the inside of some others, that kept us wondering. HMM

WHY some people judge books by their covers?
WHY some guys don't appreciate girls?
WHY is it so hard to forget the pasts?
WHY some can't just move on?

WHY some people don't appreciate what they've got?
WHY some people don't thank the God??
WHY some people give false hopes?
WHY some show off?
WHY can't everyone be nice to one another?
WHY must there be wars everywhere?
WHY must study BEL for 6 hours a week, just for a set of frickin term paper? (OK this gets a little bit out of topic, but who cares)

WHY am I asking these sort of questions?
And mossst important of all, WHY NOT?
Maybe we should together figure out the answers? Chill chill, I mean no mind-blow okay!
Thankyou for dropping by. xx