Friday, September 14, 2012


Bachelor in Environmental Health and Safety (Hons)
Faculty of Health Sciences
UiTM Puncak Alam
Part 1

It has been a week. So far, so good. Alhamdulillah.

There are about 36 students for part 1 which means we are all in one class. We got 8 boys and the rest are all girls. Not surprised.

For sem  1, we are going to study 8 subjects.

I was upset at first. People do look down on us. Yes they do.  It’s like a “dah la UiTM, kos apa pula ntah..environment apa ntah..” slap. Ou ou ouch. They don’t have clear vision or true idea about this course and the work opportunity we could get in future.

 They didn’t see how far we can go. Come on lah, don’t tell how high is the sky if you never been there. Seniors did very well. They are everywhere. Petronas, Shell, Ministry of Health, hospitals, Toyota, Proton, Sime Darby, all the private industries.  Prof told us, “Kalau awak kena campak mana2 pun, you will survive. Trust me”.

Now, it isn’t that bad after all kan?

My classmates are fine. Many from the Borneo, nice people. We the environment students are called “budak envi” here in Puncak Alam.
My housemates are okay. My roommate seems to be very passive but it’s too early to judge, she might be shy shy kind of girl, who knows~

About Puncak Alam itself, still as nice as before, a little changes as in the surroundings because they are working on constructing new buildings and stuffs lah idk. Here some pictures to picture (?)...haha

View from Tangga Kejayaan. Ramai Bangla adaa, pilih2.

We got Coolblog at KKPA/RSU. Everyone's fav place now haha

View from my very room. A1603/D8
(Budak Pshysio tengah aerobik!)

Biasa lahhh, Melda kan. MDS je demam, MDS je demam

My class schedule :)
not as pack as during asasi but still....lots of classes

So yeah that's it bye i want to study

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sayangs :)

Okay. Everyone was upset because once the holidays are over, we are all going to be at different places studying different things.

My ex-housemates and I planned to gather somewhere and have good times before all of us depart to universities to continue our studies in degree, Alhamdulillah.

Sooooo, Fatin and I, went to Pahang on 27th of August. Both of us from Shah Alam. Lya from Kemaman, Terengganu and Miza from emmm somewhere at Pahang lah. We all gathered at Kuantan. Stayed at Mun’s.

Mun brought us to shopping malls around the town, eat great food, wandered around and the best part is......tenenet! The Incredible Air Terjun Pancing!
Haha the original plan was to go to the famous waterpark, Bukit Gambang, but unfortunately, it’s closed. Thank God, it closed. So we went to the waterfall and played water for....freeee!

Ejuk angattt ihiks

Fatengggg :*

Sweet Fatin, me, Lya rumet mata besar bolah!

Spawnssss! and Tadpoles. Atototo

At emm......a mall. Camerawhores. Problem?

Mun, Miza, Lya, Fatin, saya sayangggg korang!

Mun belajar Physics elok2 eh dekat induk. Nanti jadi mcm sir megat hehe
Lya, chemical engineering tu, goodluckkk :) nnti rinduuu rumet!
Miza, UKM. Engineer nihh. Whatsapp2 la saya ;)
Fatinnnnn :') jaga diri dekat Sarawak. Sains tumbuhan. Hmm selamat mengenali ciptaan Allah :)

Thanks for everythinggg. Jumpa lagi korang2 semua! Jaga diri! :')
#NP- sahabat selamanya


1 Syawal 1433.
Unlike years previously, this year my family and I celebrated Eid at Shah Alam instead of Ipoh. This is because my Opah is here with us. So, there’s no one left at kampung. Everyone came over and raya at my place. Yes, our little hut.

Another sad thing is that there weren’t complete family at in the house. Only 4 families, out of 8, on the first day. It feels awkward, I swear. Something new for us.

Howeverrr, this year’s raya isn’t that bad at all. Yeah it’s sad that we actually raya in the city but we still had fun. Wearing new clothes, visit relatives nearby, and eat great food J

Ameelda, Amar, Azly.
The triple A's

Ex-schoolmates :)


Today is the 20th of Syawal, and i guess it's not too late to wish all Muslims out there,
Maaf zahir & batin :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Never forget :)

Daripada Ibnu Umar RA, Rasullulah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud : “Doa yang paling segera dimakbulkan ialah doa secara ghaib (tanpa pengetahuan orang yang didoakan itu).” (Riwayat Abu Daud dan Tirmidzi).

Yeah, true. We all do pray for ourselves. And for the ones we love. However, have you ever felt like Allah granted only half of your dua? Granted the part where it benefits people we care. As if, you pray for them, they're happy. You pray for yourself, hardly anything alike? Oh I did. I used to have this negativity hiding somewhere in my thoughts. I was thinking, is this some kind of a challenge?

Nahh, i was wrong. From Abu Darda’ RA, the prophet pbuh said that you pray happiness for someone else, and the angels will pray the same for you.

A little reminder for everyone, including myself, if we succeed, never never ever forget those who love us. They've been praying. Just without our knowledge.

Alwayyyss be positive and be happy for happy people around us!

And guess what? Whatever happens, happens. Just pray that you could go through them with an open heart and filled with His blessings.

Wallahualam Hissawab. Allah knows best.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Miserable? Hmm?

Have you ever felt so downnnnn that you want to cry your heart out?

Feeling as if you failed in everything?
Failed to be a good child to your parents? Failed to make them proud?
Failed to be a good friend? Failed to understand?
Failed to be a good girlfriend?
Failed to be a good sister?
Failed to comfort yourself?
Failed to comfort the ones you care about?
Feeling useless? And when you come to think about it, it's just kinda true?
Failed to get what you want?
Life's miserable isn't it? Pathetic you, you say?
Go cry.

And sleep.

Pray to Him. Tell Him everyyythinggggg. Tell Him and cry.
You'll be fine, InsyaAllah :)

#NowPlaying All Time Low - Remembering Sunday

Roommate, roommate

Hmm come to think about roommate. Last night before I slept I pretty much worried about my roommate-to-be. I've never been in hostels or boarding school so...the roommate thing is kinda new for me.
Back in Palam during asasi, I met this amazing girl named MAHALIA LYANA from Kemaman, Terengganu :) she's my first roommate everrr. Anddd I was sooo grateful for her. She's noiceee :3

The one in brown tudung, budak cantik tu :3


Hopefully, I'll get someone as nice as Lya as my roommate in degree :/ anddddd Lya gets someone like me as well heheheheheh. Tak terkejut pun kalau roommate Lya malas mandi nanti, sebab influence Lya ni hikhik XD hehe GURAUUU LYAA, jangan buat mata O.O

She came with her sister all the way from Kemaman to Shah Alam just for the foundation's official transcript. So this morning I brought them to UiTM. Ngee rinduuuuuu! It was quick but it's okayy hmm. They were to go elsewhere after that.

She'll be studying in UiTM Shah Alam. So we're not thatttt far apart :)
Jumpa lagi Lyaaa and Kak Jiji hehehe mummy cakap thanks for the keropok ganuu :3
sayang lya! :*

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's extend :)

FELLOW READERS, thank you for dropping by :)
Today is a Saturday. 23rd of June 2012. Woo looking at the year 2012, I feel so sophisticated. Haha and suffocated as well.
According to the Islamic calender, today is the 3rd of Sya'ban 1433H. That means we're now less than one month from Ramadhan.
Sya'ban is a good month. We'll be rewarded more than usual for our every good deeds. MasyaAllah, how bountiful Allah is. So let's extend. :)

Me myself is not good, I admit. But I want to be better. I'm growing older everyday. Trying to be better everyday.

I can't wait for Ramadhan.
This year's gonna be slightly different from last year's. Because last year I celebrated Ramadhan at Palam with my friends. I remember how we had sahur and break fast together :') awhh gonna miss that :'(

Whatever it is, I really hope I'm given the chance to fast again this year. Looking forward for Ramadhan.

InsyaAllah :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cuppy cake :3

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum,
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you're my sweety pie,
You're my cuppycake, gumdrop,
Snoogums-boogums, you're the apple of my eye,

And I love you so and I want you to know,
That I'll always be right here,
And I love to sing sweet songs to you,
Because you are so deeeeeeeeear :3


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Johor with girlfriends :3

I've been dreaming since I was a little kid, to travel somewhere far from home, with my bestfriends. And guess what, it came true :')
16 May - 19 May 2012
Aida, Iena, me, Khai, Radin, Arep :')
Seoul garden.

Khairina's. This awesome place is where we stayed for 4 days here in Taman Bukit Rinting, Johor. Her parents were away for their honeymoon  in Paris and London. So, we rocked the place hehe

Guess what?! We actually cooked lunch on the third day. They don't only look scrumptious, they tasted good as well. Good enough for girls at our age :3 *proud level Hulk*

Her name is Tammy. Belongs to Khaiiii. She is the sexiest cat ever existed T.T so huge I want to cry T.T

Meeeeeeeet, Khairinaaa :D

Balik sudahhhh. Me oh so dark T.T

We had so much fun! Thank you sooo much buddies. Really appreciate it :)
Until we meet again.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


I feel so noob T.T
Any of my followers who actually do know how, please leave a comment. Pleaaaseeeee pretty pleaseeee with a cherry on top T.T
It's getting dread boringgg here helllloooooo T.T
Your cooperation will be very much appreciated. Please and thank you T.T

P/S : meanwhile I find way how to add song to this blog, fellow readers, listen to your own song while reading my posts okay. Listen to slow, sweet song. KBAI T.T

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Apparently one of my cats, Percy got sick. Something happened to its tail. So mummy commanded me to bring it to meet the vet. So I did.
The vet said, "Oh it is infected by fungus. It's a SMART action by bringing him here because they may spread and could be worse."
For a moment I feel.........SMART :B
BUT it was just for awhile T___T
Later, adik asked,"Doc, I've been wanted to ask this for quite a while. Is my cat actually a male or a female?"
The vet laughed and smirked -.-
"It's a female. See....?", he showed us its lower body.
With no hesitate I interrupted "I knew it! That guy at the shop told us it's a male but once we got back I just know it's a female. Thanks doctor BYE"
I feel STUPID.


I suggested to change the name from Percy to Persiah. Guessed it sounds more feminine T.T
2 female cats in house, means no new kittens in future.
No not even if they're lesbians T.T 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quin and Percy :)

Last week mummy came out with an idea of having cats at home.
CATS. They are my biggest fear since forever, besides clowns -.-"
I went all against her but the rest of the family agreed. As expected, I LOST. So we went to the Citta Mall near Subang Airport to get those cats.
Here are photos of them.
A male Persian. His name is PERCY. 7 months old.

It's a she. QUIN's from British Shorthair Mix species. 7 months old.

Onyonyonyo :3 Come on kitties, make cute babies for me to sell! MUEHEHEHE :D alright I was joking

Yes yes I live with them at home. I watch tv, eat, read, sing, cry, play, EVERYTHING, with cross-legged. Because they attack legs T.T

I hope one day I'm brave enough to carry them like abah and adik do. And cats. I. Will. Try. My. Best. To. Be. A. Good. Owner. K. Bye.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Somebody that I used to know

I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT I LOVE THIS SONG MUCHH. So shut up and listen ;;)

One step closer :)

Alhamdulillah. Thank You Allah for lending me another day to witness Your greatness.
So on the 23rd of March 2012, we sat for our very last final exam paper. Once the time is up, we're officially no longer Asasians. That was the day when my life begins haha. We're now one step closer to archive our goals :')
If I were to write everything about Palam, I would probably need more than 2 days. So here I'll display some pictures to share the story :)
My group, C8. Classmates, each of everyone of you are awesome in your own way <3
Ahh I simply love Miss Nhawal. So pweeetyyy :D
Housemates! At Palam, no one knows me better than you girls do. I love you all! *hugs and kisses*
Sleeping mates. Best friends forever! *hits each other*
my messy bed and chaotic study table
p/s : this only happens during finals :X
my very-full-overload-lovely-wardrobe. Don't judge me
Last but not least, the one who caught my attention, stole my heart. He was never part of my plan but I am so glad I met him :)

I'd like to thank everyone for everything. May Allah bless us all. So long, goodbye for now until we meet again :')
Lots of love.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


DO YOU KNOW what makes you happy until you feel like fainting or jumping out of the building because you believed you can fly?

Yessssss exactly! You're right!

Nguehehehehe MALU LA MAKCIKKK.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


There are so many things left unexplained. Left unknown. That is why we have to figure out.
HOWEVER there are few common things, might not be bothered by some of us, but might kill the inside of some others, that kept us wondering. HMM

WHY some people judge books by their covers?
WHY some guys don't appreciate girls?
WHY is it so hard to forget the pasts?
WHY some can't just move on?

WHY some people don't appreciate what they've got?
WHY some people don't thank the God??
WHY some people give false hopes?
WHY some show off?
WHY can't everyone be nice to one another?
WHY must there be wars everywhere?
WHY must study BEL for 6 hours a week, just for a set of frickin term paper? (OK this gets a little bit out of topic, but who cares)

WHY am I asking these sort of questions?
And mossst important of all, WHY NOT?
Maybe we should together figure out the answers? Chill chill, I mean no mind-blow okay!
Thankyou for dropping by. xx