Friday, October 14, 2011

Ice skate (Y) and bruises (N)

Okaaaay. That day I went out with two of my friends from Palam. Then they actually asked to go ice-skating. I was hesitate because I've never tried skating before. No confidence. So we didn't go. The next day, I randomly came across to think about it, and suddenly out of nowhere, my adik came and said "I feel like ice-skating. emmm, WE'RE GOING!"

So yeah. We went -_- it was HORRIBLE i tell youuuuu! but we had fun :)
okay this is my cousin and me and my adik. hihi :3

ehemehemehem. behind this happy face, underneath that blue jeans, I have bruises all over my legs.
and it's not bruises as like the one u got when u hit the end of the table. They are hugeee -.- serious shit.
okay let me show yeh.


seeeee -___________-"

So when I got back mummy and abah went 'blablablablablablabla'.
I told them "There's always first time in everything :3 chill. Ameelda's strong :)"

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