Monday, September 5, 2011

Farewell Ramadhan :'(

Farewell Ramadhan ;(
I'll definitely miss Ramadhan. I really love the month. I could feel the calmness somewhere inside.
I'll definitely remember this Ramadhan, especially. Ramadhan at UiTM Puncak Alam.
I'll miss waking up early in the morning, have sahur with my room mate. Breaking fast with my housemates at our lil living room :') breaking fast with my classmates. and old schoolmates :')

Fasting to lectures. Seeing everyone trying to keep awake during lectures, without eating. Seeing many sleeping during lectures -.-
I'll miss the bazaar. I'll miss people treating me at the bazaar. I'll miss the food that can only be easily found during fasting month.

I'll miss to perform tarawikh at RSU :'( used  to be in the first row everytime I pray. Will miss the ustaz and imam's voices :'( late night tazkirah. kena perli apa semua ada lah.
When half of the month was gone, then only I realised. This will be my first and last Ramadhan here, at Palam. These faces around me....wouldn't be around me again next year :(

whatever it is, what done is done. hoping for the best after this. may this is not my last Ramadhan.
Looking forward for Ramdahan 2012 :')

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