Sunday, July 24, 2011

take my blood!

ouhyaaa. a day before i went to Genting, i went to school. beloved SMK Subang Jaya.
guess why? to DONATE BLOOD. yes. I did. It was my first time tho. priceless experience :)
blood test! I'm having a B-type blood.
I just got to know it, after 17++ years. -_-

the nurse said that my blood flowed VERY slowly.
sad thing.

okayy, I was lack of 350ml blood in my body. and all i can see was blackblackblack *faints

after about half an hour lying down, drank some glucose drink, got fanned, feeling all fresh,
I'm a strong-healthy-girl once again :D

donating blood is fun. hehehehe

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