Sunday, July 3, 2011


Fellow readers, this is random really. it simply came across my head and I simply feel like composing something regarding it here.

hmmmm. Let's talk about crush. whaaat? never had a crush? LIAR! everyone does, okayy. it's just either they express it out or keep it down deeeep inside.

me? haha of course i do (OR did) have a crush. let's not mention who is (OR was) him, where is he, what is he doing etc etc.

*love is in the air* LOL

BTW, my point here is actually to tell you, you, you and you there, not to feel down if your crush doesn't react the way you expected, or hoped, them to. Don't refuse to eat your favorite food and pretend to be 'not-in-the-mood' just because of him/her.

there's ALWAYS someone better (more or less) out there waiting for you. there's ALWAYS someone who loves you. you are never alone. God is fair. He created everyone on earth with a partner. ;)

so, don't curve you lips the way that will make u look like........
it isn't cute at all right?

" are too young too cry. some things were meant to just roll by..."

and hey peeps, stop showing that sad, pathetic look!
it's ugly. really. -..-

learn to let go.
and you will be alright. ;)

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