Sunday, July 17, 2011

ouh dear melda

ON a Sunday morning, i woke up from sleep. *peeked at the time*
"God. It's 10. parents are coming at 12 maann"
*grabbed my Samsung Wave 2 (which is 2months old) and started texting my brother*
while texting, i walked into the toilet. to wash my hand and clean my face.
I let the water flow, washed my left hand and another hand, texting.
THEN. SUDDENLY. my phone simply fell into the sink. it slept nicely under the running water.
there it go. i was like :O :O :O :O omg omg omg babyyyyyy! :((((((

so, when my parents came, i told them what exactly happened. thus, they brought me to Subang to get a new phone.
well, my mum bought me a blackberry bold3. thank you mummy <3
HOWEVER, the sad thing is, my SIM card is divided into twoo :( i lost all my contacts. haihhhhh

byebye Samsung Wave2. U had been a great company. during lectures and all :') thanks.

and hello new buddy. YOU BETTER BE GOOD!

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