Saturday, July 23, 2011


OKAY, so came the mid-sem break.
a week holiday.
16th-23rd of July 2011.

on the 17th, my family and I went to GENTING HIGHLANDS.
Rode on rides I've never tried before, SOL (screamed out loud), forgot about everything regarding assignments, and caught flu.

space shuttle. GREAT EXPERIENCE. I will, I will consider, to ride it again.

foreverfavourite* HOT&ROLL
p.s: don't ask why i smiled that way. I was eatinggg. lol

queue  to the roller coaster


my cousin brothah, and lil brothah :D

Assalamualaikum. ana ameelda. ante?

domo domo peacee ^_^

* exhausted. slept all the way home. THANK YOU, MUMMY AND ABAH FOR TODAY! <3

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