Sunday, July 31, 2011

aaaaaaaawhh :)))


p.s : I bought this with my own frickin moneyh. 
Been wanting it for so long but was hesitate to use my money.
until, i can't take it anymoreeee.
you're sooo adorable, baby! :D
be good!

Friday, July 29, 2011

loud silence

2 a.m...where do i begin?
the silent sound of loneliness wants to follow me to bed.

I'm the ghost of a girl, that i want to be most.
I'm the shell of a girl, that I used to know well.

Broken pieces of
A barely breathing story
Where there once was love

Sunday, July 24, 2011

take my blood!

ouhyaaa. a day before i went to Genting, i went to school. beloved SMK Subang Jaya.
guess why? to DONATE BLOOD. yes. I did. It was my first time tho. priceless experience :)
blood test! I'm having a B-type blood.
I just got to know it, after 17++ years. -_-

the nurse said that my blood flowed VERY slowly.
sad thing.

okayy, I was lack of 350ml blood in my body. and all i can see was blackblackblack *faints

after about half an hour lying down, drank some glucose drink, got fanned, feeling all fresh,
I'm a strong-healthy-girl once again :D

donating blood is fun. hehehehe

Saturday, July 23, 2011


OKAY, so came the mid-sem break.
a week holiday.
16th-23rd of July 2011.

on the 17th, my family and I went to GENTING HIGHLANDS.
Rode on rides I've never tried before, SOL (screamed out loud), forgot about everything regarding assignments, and caught flu.

space shuttle. GREAT EXPERIENCE. I will, I will consider, to ride it again.

foreverfavourite* HOT&ROLL
p.s: don't ask why i smiled that way. I was eatinggg. lol

queue  to the roller coaster


my cousin brothah, and lil brothah :D

Assalamualaikum. ana ameelda. ante?

domo domo peacee ^_^

* exhausted. slept all the way home. THANK YOU, MUMMY AND ABAH FOR TODAY! <3

Sunday, July 17, 2011

being STUCKED IN THE ELEVATOR wasn't cool at all :(

ONE DAY, my classmates and I (5 of us) simply felt strangely "rajin". We actually went to the lecturer's office to ask for explanations for some maths questions. our lecturer's room is at level 5, if i'm not mistaken.
So we travelled upppp, by elevator. Once we got there, our lecturer wasn't there. So, we, with disappointed expressions, decided to go back to the study room.

*pressed the button on the lift with arrow pointing downwards*
*doors opened, went in*
*doors closed*
*pressed '1'*
*elevator didn't move*
me : "craaaaaap"
nazihah : "ehh, press press press"
the rest : :O
*still, nothing happened*
a few seconds later, *elevator moved down rapidly and stopped suddenly few floors below*
*we shivered and started praying*
suddenly, the elevator moved uppppppp. and stopped at level 11. for life's sake, it opened. THANK GOODNESS!
*we stepped out, feeling relieved*

*two guys and a lady went INTO the elevator*
sakinah : ehhh, jom jom. diorang dah masuk. gerenti okay punya.
the rest : haaa, jom jom jom.
*(we all went in there back. so now there's 8 of us)*
*same thing happened AGAIN*
aida : Astagfirullahalazim :/ :/ :/
sakinah : wehh mcmana ni. line takde pulakkk
etc etc etc (noises from nervous-girls-with-all-sort-of-negative-stuffs-in-their-heads)
*awkward silence*
*after quite awhile, and we couldn't take it anymore.....
the two guys : DAH TAKDE PILIHAN. kita kena KOPAK pintu ni.
*they used keys to force the doors to open*
ANDDDD, when they are opened, we went like 'HOOMAIGOOOOD'
We panicked like hell. Thank God for the existence of that two guys. they were the heroes ;)
they both used their MAN POWER to hold the doors opposite each other in order to allow us to get out of the elevator.
we didn't have any other choice. WE HAD TO JUMP. so, WE JUMPED.
*poooof* we're at the 11th floor. with knees shaking, and shivering, and feeling lucky to breathe.
then, we went down (by stairs) all the way to the 1st floor.
and moved on living.

This is something i wouldn't forget. really.


okaaaaay. I hadn't felt the exam-is-over mood for quite awhile. So, when the test 1 is over, i went like "ALHAMDULILLAH SYUKUR YA ALLAH. BAHAGIANYAAAA"

haha. my house mates and i did some stupid things (which u don't have to know what) at home. yes, that really proved how stressed we were. and now it's over. brain, u can have a break. ouhhh, talking about BREAK, 15/7 till 24/7 would be our MID-SEM BREAK. wohoo! <3

tell the world i'm coming homeeee :*

ouh dear melda

ON a Sunday morning, i woke up from sleep. *peeked at the time*
"God. It's 10. parents are coming at 12 maann"
*grabbed my Samsung Wave 2 (which is 2months old) and started texting my brother*
while texting, i walked into the toilet. to wash my hand and clean my face.
I let the water flow, washed my left hand and another hand, texting.
THEN. SUDDENLY. my phone simply fell into the sink. it slept nicely under the running water.
there it go. i was like :O :O :O :O omg omg omg babyyyyyy! :((((((

so, when my parents came, i told them what exactly happened. thus, they brought me to Subang to get a new phone.
well, my mum bought me a blackberry bold3. thank you mummy <3
HOWEVER, the sad thing is, my SIM card is divided into twoo :( i lost all my contacts. haihhhhh

byebye Samsung Wave2. U had been a great company. during lectures and all :') thanks.

and hello new buddy. YOU BETTER BE GOOD!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

TEST 1 hmph

Peeps, i just sat for my BIOLOGY and PHYSICS papers just now.
well, Bio was ooooookay lah. not bad. but Physics! :( oh physics ily physics. but WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO MEEEE ? D;
no lah. it's just me. the questions were okay. my friends could solve them. it's just something went wrong in my brain and i went likeeee..switched off. towards the end.

BUT it's okayyyyy..kan Mel? it's just the first test. don't worry. :)
now go get busy for next papers. (CHEMISTRY and MATHS on Wednesday)
goodluck Ameelda :) <3

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Fellow readers, this is random really. it simply came across my head and I simply feel like composing something regarding it here.

hmmmm. Let's talk about crush. whaaat? never had a crush? LIAR! everyone does, okayy. it's just either they express it out or keep it down deeeep inside.

me? haha of course i do (OR did) have a crush. let's not mention who is (OR was) him, where is he, what is he doing etc etc.

*love is in the air* LOL

BTW, my point here is actually to tell you, you, you and you there, not to feel down if your crush doesn't react the way you expected, or hoped, them to. Don't refuse to eat your favorite food and pretend to be 'not-in-the-mood' just because of him/her.

there's ALWAYS someone better (more or less) out there waiting for you. there's ALWAYS someone who loves you. you are never alone. God is fair. He created everyone on earth with a partner. ;)

so, don't curve you lips the way that will make u look like........
it isn't cute at all right?

" are too young too cry. some things were meant to just roll by..."

and hey peeps, stop showing that sad, pathetic look!
it's ugly. really. -..-

learn to let go.
and you will be alright. ;)