Wednesday, June 22, 2011

just CRY when you have to

ever feel like crying when you don't really have the reason to do so?
do you ever feel like you have no one? nothing?
ever feel unlucky?
ever feel ditched? forgotten? insignificant?

just cry when you have to. regardless whether you're a girl, or a guy. put that ego away and let the tears run down your cheeks. trust me, nothing else will make u feel so relieved.

and remember, the One created us, is always with us.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

life as a "ASASI STUDENT" :)

Dear readers, i am now a "siswi UiTM".
This would be my 3rd week here. the accommodation is convenient. so far so good. facilities provided. bagus bagus.
but, the thing is, we're like 'confined' here, in UiTM world. this is because, our campus is located somewhere in the jungle. on hills. FAR FROM TOWN. So, we can hardly know what happens outside. and the coverage isn't so good as well :/

CLASS STARTED. our bestfriends? paperworks, handouts, VERY thick books and files. many of files.
taking 6 subjects but only 4 is compulsory, which is maths, chemistry, biology and physics.
We really have to struggle. Very hardd. and limited time. We stayed up until 1++ almost every night just to finish our tutorials. and the next day, class will start at 8.30a.m and ends at 6p.m.
I KNOW KAN? so lifeless.

University and school are sooooo different. here, the lecturers don't care if u skip class. they dont care if u don't understand the lecture. they don't come to u and explain. they ask you to search on the net. "go do your research. everyone has Android right? no excuse" -______- (lecturers nowadays)

1st sem will end somewhere in November. after 6 weeks holiday, we'll proceed to the 2nd sem. which will end around April 2011. Then, in September intake, God willing, we'll be doing degree :))

so yeah. to those who are planning to do foundation in science, just BE PREPARED.
All the best peeps ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Foundation in Science @ UiTM Puncak Alam ;)

Okay. So, about a month after our SPM results were announced, I got an offer from Universiti Teknologi MARA (Puncak Alam branch) to do Foundation in Science studies. and another offer was from Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor. After thinking critically, i chose to go to UiTM. and seriously, i had no regrets :D

Registered on 22 May 2011. suffered a little on the first week, because of the Minggu Destini Siswa (orientation week). Super tiring but had so muchhhhh fun. indescribable. :')

Class started on the 30th May :)
this place is super HUGE i tell you. like seriously. and now it is only 1/3 done.

this is our faculty. our classrooms, lecture halls and labs :)

faculty view from...the top

this is girls' cafeteria (KKPR)

on top of the hill is our apartments (12 blocks). down there, our faculty. and in between, the TANGGA KECEMERLANGAN with 248 STEPS.

this is how UiTM Puncak Alam gonna look like when it is 100% done :O



I don't remember the exact date but somewhere in April lahh. We attended Hari Kecemerlangan SMKSJ 2010.
Those who scored 7As and above, received certificates and trophies. and cash :D ( RM10 for each A ;( so i got RM90. HAHA good enoughh laa ;) ) thank you SMKSJ <3 :)

here are some photos taken;

with Wan Mohd Afie, our former head prefect who is also the pelajar terbalik keseluruhan

classmates <3 (except for nanik,sesat :P)


all the geniuses around me
we're proud that each of everyone in 5SETIA 2010 (except for 2) get to attend this ceremony. Which means, we all scored 7As and above. heee <3
In few months/years time, when all of us gathers, hopefully everyone comes with victory

SPM results !

*looks at the date* well, okay. haha. last updated this miserable blog was about 3 months ago.

so urmm, on 23rd of march 2011, we took our SPM results.

As usual, my friends scored good grades.
ME? haha. okay okay la. not so bad. not so good as well lahh. but, Alhamdulillah :) as follows ;

BM : A+
Eng: A
Maths: A+
Sej : A+
Agama : A
Add maths: A-
Physics: A-
Chem : A-
Bio : B+
Tasawwur : A+

so yeah. Alhamdulillah. 
i received an iPod touch from mummy and a Vaio lappy from abah. Thank youuu <3 :)
also cashes from relatives ;)