Friday, March 18, 2011

Day OUT with darling IZZATI (:

date : 13 march 2011
day : sunday
vanue : PWTC (education fair) and Midvalley
time : 10a.m - 8p.m

traveled all around KL by KTM. what to do. *sighs*

had so muchh fun with you, ZATOD!
i heart you! :D 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yesterday (Saturday 5/3), me, Diyana Husnin, Arif Z, Yasmin and Emilya Faesal went to KLCC. We went there by KTM. There was soooo many people as non of us get to seat along the journey. AT ALL.
Wonder why we went to KLCC? It’s actually to meet our facis, ABG RAZI and ABG HADI. They were two of facilitators that handled a program we attended at UIA last year. The Kem Cahaya Iman. It’s so nice to get to see them again J

So, we lepak-ed at Nando’s. talked, talked, exchanged stories, screamed, laughed and farted (Boo yah!). we went to many many many shops without buying anything. Well, at least abg razi n yasmin bought something. Then we hanged out at the KLCC park. Awesome view. ;) prayed at the mosque nearby. Then we continued our ‘roaming activity’..until…5 o’clock. We got tired and went back.
Abg razi went back straight to UIA, Gombak while abg Hadi came with us because he has a futsal match at Shah Alam.

It was a tiring but awesome day. We were tired of laughing. They are nuts, I tell ya! It would’ve been better if more ppl could join us. But what to do..
Looking forward for another outing! But maybe in…6 months time (right diy?) haha