Monday, February 28, 2011

I am number 4 ;)

today i had a day off from working. so i decided to go chill out at pyramid. alone. maybe get a treatment at the fish spa or something.
so coincidently, i met my friends. luqman, suhail, omarul, and hafiz. they wanna watch I am number 4. i've thought of watching it too, since my friend, daniaal, said it was awesome. so, after being forced by luqman (God knows how i hate 2 be forced,by him especially), i joined them.
that show was awesome!

and ouhh. the hero, (alex pettyfer) is so cute! he's like channing tatum the junior.

haha. so i watched movie with them. then, i roamed around. was looking for interesting stuffs to entertain myself. didn't find any tho -_-
however, today was fun! thanks y'all, insane people! :D

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