Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30th of January 2011

This is quite a week++ ago. hehe. But, i want you to know that i had so much fun on this day.
it was a sunday. so, i was off from work. I went to wangsa walk to meet my old bestt buddy, NUR ALIA BT MOHD RUZAIDY. :) we used to be schoolmates back in Penang when we were in primary school.

it was such a pleasure to get to meet her. it has been soooo lonnggg. :')
We had lunch at Ayam Penyet. we watched Khurafat. We roamed around. We snapped photos (compulsory thing) . hehe

I don't mind getting myself on the public transport. as long as i'm satisfied. just like today :)
so i hope we can meet up more often.. well, things will be easier once i received my license ;)

to NUR ALIA MOHD RUZAIDY, thanks alot for the day. we shall hang out again when we have the time to.

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