Monday, February 28, 2011

I am number 4 ;)

today i had a day off from working. so i decided to go chill out at pyramid. alone. maybe get a treatment at the fish spa or something.
so coincidently, i met my friends. luqman, suhail, omarul, and hafiz. they wanna watch I am number 4. i've thought of watching it too, since my friend, daniaal, said it was awesome. so, after being forced by luqman (God knows how i hate 2 be forced,by him especially), i joined them.
that show was awesome!

and ouhh. the hero, (alex pettyfer) is so cute! he's like channing tatum the junior.

haha. so i watched movie with them. then, i roamed around. was looking for interesting stuffs to entertain myself. didn't find any tho -_-
however, today was fun! thanks y'all, insane people! :D

JPJ test!

2 days after the accident is my JPJ test day. can u imagine? i was still in 'trauma' man!
however, thank God! I passed the test! wohoo. will be getting my P license next week. ;)
i still don't dare to drive,though. might need some time before i can go ANYWHERE i want.
Thank God! thank you, teachers! I love Metro Driving Academy :p

awwh..i'm so gonna miss this place! <3

if u're planning to get a driving license, i suggest u to join metro. i registered on 10th of march, and got my license on 28th feb. fast and efficient ;) hahaha

all the best peeps out there! JOIN METRO! :p :p

Thursday, February 17, 2011

car accident! :(

on tuesday, 15/2/2011, there were me, my lil brother, my brother n my maid at home. my mum asked us to send my maid somewhere.

my brother was sleeping. while my maid needs to go, or she'll miss her flight back to Indonesia in the evening.
so, my lil brother suggested that i should drive my brother's car. since i've received my L license, and have been attending driving classes, i guessed, why not?

my brother allowed me to drive his HONDA JAZZ. well, i've got a bad feeling since the beginning already. and it didn't stop there. i can hardly "feel" the car (bcoz was soo used to kancil). CRASHED! passenger's left door, bye2. dented gila! langgar dinding. :S

no point hiding, no point lying. so, i told my parents every single thing happened. they sent the car 2 workshop and have 2 spend RM1300 for repairing. i felt so so so so bad! *sigh* I had my lesson. 

can u imagine? this car with both doors on the left dented? dang!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

little BROTHER

this is so random. like, totally random.
I kinda want to "introduce" my little brother to fellow readers.
His name is Hairul Azly Shah.
studying at SMK seksyen24(2).
currently 15.
lame dude. -.-''
this is him -.-

with his friend, izzat

with his ONLY sister, me :D

okay, so that's about it. i don't know why but i feel like vomiting. ;p
alright. happy, adik? -.-''

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30th of January 2011

This is quite a week++ ago. hehe. But, i want you to know that i had so much fun on this day.
it was a sunday. so, i was off from work. I went to wangsa walk to meet my old bestt buddy, NUR ALIA BT MOHD RUZAIDY. :) we used to be schoolmates back in Penang when we were in primary school.

it was such a pleasure to get to meet her. it has been soooo lonnggg. :')
We had lunch at Ayam Penyet. we watched Khurafat. We roamed around. We snapped photos (compulsory thing) . hehe

I don't mind getting myself on the public transport. as long as i'm satisfied. just like today :)
so i hope we can meet up more often.. well, things will be easier once i received my license ;)

to NUR ALIA MOHD RUZAIDY, thanks alot for the day. we shall hang out again when we have the time to.

Friday, February 4, 2011

YOGI BEAR *roaarr*

Today i went out with my cousins, to pyramid. We planned to watch 'Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah'.. but too bad, just too bad. Not showing anymore! D:
so, we watched YOGI BEAR!
it wasn't bad la.. quite funny. but honestly, i expected more. heh. whatever it is, we had fun..
i bought a bag and a cardigan. (bye2 money)

my brother sent us there. however, i don't know why, we couldn't reach him after the show. we TRIED MANY times. finally, we went back by bus and commuter. *loud sigh*

 this is my cousin, syahirah. (facebook name, EYRA STAYLISTIKA)
we were in the train..hehe

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I MISS SCHOOL. No one would've said that before they left school. *sigh*
well, that's the fact. i miss school..
i'm currently helping my parents at their cafeteria @ panasonic air-cond, shah alam. they pay me rm30 a day.. not much, but good enough.

I planned 2 get my driving license before SPM result comes out. it's progessing :D
gonna go for JPJ test on 17th of Feb. wish me luck!

other than working and driving lessons, i hang out with friends.. once a week, at least. haha! when else can u do that, right? ;)

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

woww.. look at the date, man. well, i took quite SOME times to update my blog, huh? hehe.
urm, in this post, i want to share how i felt about SPM. yeah, it's OVER. like a month n the half ago. *relief sigh*

i think, teras subjects were alright..
science subjects....*sighs*
biology sucks to the MAX!
i heard results will be out on early march.. *shivering*

i applied UPU.. i hoped i get to study there. and i hope my friends will get it too.. aminn. :)

all the best yaw, 2010 SPM candidates for the results soon. ;)