Sunday, August 15, 2010


Halloo everyone! it has been so long since i last updated my blog. busy maa. what to do. XD
well, I believe I've stated in the previous post that my JULY schedule is very pack.
Here are the summary..

- One word. HARD. Didn't know the quiz is on the 29th of July..until the 27th. So, 2 days to study? memang tak ah.

- also one word. SUSAH. beginning was fine.. confident je. not until I flip to the last few pages. then i started crying silently. -_-"
- I want a credit! :S last year i got proficiency which wasn't really satisfying. *prays*

-Awesomeness. I skipped classes for almost 2 weeks. The results, I don't know how to do my homework. T.T
- My MC cacated. It rained and we had to stop talking and didn't get to show off our acting skills for sketch.

- Whee! Attended the Hari Kualiti Kokurikulum. (Pengerusi Maths,sains & rekacipta)
- got a file with certificate in it and a domino's card. and ouh, FREE FOOD!
- Even though it was a little draggy (I think ALL formal events are draggy), I'm proud to be one of the lucky ones to be there, ;)

the best thing happened in July was the KEM CAHAYA IMAN at UIA! :DD 
-It was from the 23rd-25th of July..
This is my group members. 
Country name: MASOKA <3

If u want me to tell every single thing happened, i'll need more than a day to compose bout it. I gtg for now.. Will update more once I have the chance to do so. (i'll compose a post specially regarding to the UIA camp) :)
Waaaiitt kaay. :D