Sunday, June 27, 2010

:)? :(? :'(? :D? ;)?

Hey hey hey peopleeee! :)
Sorry la, i was busy.. you know.
But don't worry, :). I wasn't busy studying. was busy watching FOOTBALL! Wohoo!

Anyways, i've gotten my mid-year results. 5As only. Got scolded by parents.:( what can u expect right. sighs.

July is gonna be busy for me.
will  be taking part in badminton tournament. Doubles.. with LEE PEI QI.  *nervous gila*
National physics quiz, Australian maths competition, BSM installation (retirement!) :(
and going to be busy studying for trials. Pray for me and my friends yeah! :)

Hmm..not sure when is the next posts will be posted after this. Like i said, will be  busy. will try my best though.
Have a blast day, people! thanks for stopping by. <3! ;) see youu!