Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's OVER!! :D

March test is over! take ur pillows and start the war! yeaahh.
(it's just march TEST anyways) =.=" (dah la lambat update blog) -.-"

by the way, i found that....
BM is kinda hard....4 me. T.T
English was fine.
Mod Maths, thank God i can do it.
Add Maths. kinda screwed up the last part.
Sejarah was okay..(objective only le)
Physics was fine..
Chemistry..emm.not so good 4 me. cause i didn't really study.
Biology was the hardest..also cause i didn't study.
Agama..50-50.. quite okay la.
Tasawwur Islam..screwed up. seriously..

Btw, thanks to my friends for helping me BEFORE the tests. haha. I swear I didn't copy..
Thanks Hasanah, Aqeel, Suhail, Syukrina, Syairah..ouh.Faozan, Luqman, Kelvin, Sher Li semua semua lahh! :)
Vincent, I want that betting money! (hopefully i'll get more A's than him) :D

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