Sunday, March 21, 2010

Learn to let go. (random)

Walking down a strip of sandy beach,
u pick up a handful of sand.
U hold it loosely at first,
until u clench your dirt as tightly as you can so you won't lose it.
But each and every grain slips between your fingers
and the harder you grip,
the quicker it falls.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a wednesday at PYRAMID

On a lovely Wednesday, me and few friends went to Sunway pyramid, the common place to hang out.
I was kinda lost there..lost as in in contra.. cause i was the only girl. but Thank GOD! there were another 2 girls from Sunway (afifi and hayati)..even though they came much later. They're Aqeel's friends. and eventually became my friends. :)

We watched Alice In The Wonderland.. not bad. but not as awesome as we expected.. Had lunch+dinner at the Gasoline. Roamed around with the girls while the guys were having fun playing games at the arcade.

Was freaking damn tired..we had fun though. :D
Thanks to Aqeel, Megat, Adlan, Muhaimin, Syamil, Afifi, Hayati..there were many more la..zarif, hadi.. but they kept going somewhere else.and i'm don't know them well. ouh..we met luqman,suhail and omarul as well. and the best part was..we met m_ _  c_e_! OMG. she was wearing blond wig. i just can't stop laughing..sorry. haha.

and ouh..sorry. no picture! :(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's OVER!! :D

March test is over! take ur pillows and start the war! yeaahh.
(it's just march TEST anyways) =.=" (dah la lambat update blog) -.-"

by the way, i found that....
BM is kinda hard....4 me. T.T
English was fine.
Mod Maths, thank God i can do it.
Add Maths. kinda screwed up the last part.
Sejarah was okay..(objective only le)
Physics was fine..
Chemistry..emm.not so good 4 me. cause i didn't really study.
Biology was the hardest..also cause i didn't study.
Agama..50-50.. quite okay la.
Tasawwur Islam..screwed up. seriously..

Btw, thanks to my friends for helping me BEFORE the tests. haha. I swear I didn't copy..
Thanks Hasanah, Aqeel, Suhail, Syukrina, Syairah..ouh.Faozan, Luqman, Kelvin, Sher Li semua semua lahh! :)
Vincent, I want that betting money! (hopefully i'll get more A's than him) :D