Sunday, February 28, 2010

MAULIDUR RASUL celebration @ school! (:

PPI organized a program named kem kembara sirah to celebrate maulidur rasul (the birthday of our beloved Prophet Muhammad) yesteday (27th feb)

It was okay..we had fun. I was on duty..which means I'm one of the ajk la. At the same time, BSM was having their meeting which I'm supposed to attend cause I'm one of the ajk as well. I went there for awhile and rushed to PPI. Pei Vern and Suganiya handled almost everything during RCM. (sorry buddies! dis maulidur rasul thing is once a year)

I took some photos during the event..(even though i don really have time for that).. however, here they are. =) 

me, syairah and liyana
( i took this photo from Liyana's blog! XD )

We were getting ready 4 treasure hunt. checkpoint 4 rocks! :D

Group discussion

me and hasanah! haha
That's it for now..
We LOVE Muhammad pbuh! <3

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