Sunday, February 7, 2010

leadership workshop @ SUNWAY COLLEGE :D

Yesterday, 40 people from our school went to the sunway college for a leadership workshop thingy.
It was awesomee! :DD
The college is nice, i liked the environment. Nice people. Nice FOOD! lol
I took only few photos and i dono why. =.=
These are some of them..
This was during the treasure hunt.
i was blindfolded (didn't even know where's the camera). and i was honest! haha.
the other 2 girls are students from usj 13 and kota kemuning. (=

At the end of the session.
With students from other schools..
[credits 2 mun hong(usj13) for this picture!]

We were hyper.. (so obvious) haha

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