Sunday, February 28, 2010

I-City.. the city of digital lights

Yesterday, after the maulidur rasul event, i went home, had my lunch, took bathe, did revise a bit on physics (i don't believe it too!) and went to shah alam after that.

We went to MSC i think..cause i didn't know where we're going at first and didn't bother to look at the signboards. And i ended up don't know where we went..haha. but i'm sure it's somewhere in shah alam cause i saw UITM. :D and a signboard that says I-CITY. lol

It's something like a technology stuffs.. emm. more to "light exhibition".. it's all colorful everywhere. It's all about lights.. i see nothing but lights (duhh! how can u see without light?) LOL.. anyways, here are some of the photos I've taken. Specially for this blog! (:

the FIRST thing that have caught my sights! 

Told's all about colorful lights.. and trees. :D

snow snow! It's cold in there..

with my younger brother. this picture is kinda blur.. abah snapped  it!



  1. waaaa...awesome nyer...nak gi dowh....

  2. pegi laa.. it's still on .:)
    xtaw la smpai bila. hee. tp bosan skit la bg kte.. sbb just ada lmpu2.