Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today, 14th of February 2010. I'd like to wish all my friends; happy Chinese New Year and happy Valentine's day..

I went to Berjaya Hills with my lil brother, elder bro and one sesated cousin. :D
We went there..actually just to add our photos collection. in other word, to POSE. haha.. It's such a romantic place and suitable for loving couples. I was there on valentine's day..but with wrong person lar.. haha. jk, adik! :P
It was sunny but wasn't hot.. lower temperature. cold breeze.. I'll definitely visit it again..but maybe with someone else. hee.
these are some of the photos i've taken.. (:
i <3 the environment. It's so chilling there..
A bit more taller, ameelda! then u can replace his place. XD

I'm the only guyy.. hahah

horses! (duhh)

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