Thursday, February 18, 2010

BAD and GOOD news! :) :(

Today i went out with PEI VERN, RACHAEL and SERENNAH..
We watched PERCY JACKSON at sunway pyramid. Percy is cute! (i know right?!!) lol
The good news is, we had so much fun!! The movie was okaay.. we had our dinner at Wendy's and tried on clothes at forever21 (that's wad lifeless ppl do). Roamed around while serennah and rachael were looking for gifts for their mum.
 This was random.. We are the Three Lifeless Freaks..haha. (Serennah is hiding behind d mirror)

The bad news brother!
He promised 2 pick me at 5.30..and we're supposed 2 drop rachael and serinnah at their place. BUT! He didn't show up. Called him billions times.. OFF. urgh! and my parents were still working..
and i stay at shah alam. wad do u expect? take cab from sunway 2 shah alam? T.T
Thank God 4 pei vern's PARENTS.. They dropped me at the KTM station around 6pm.
So, i went back with train. ALONE! :S
my mum picked me from the station..Thank God I'm safe. Pei vern's parents sent rachael and serinnah home as well. I felt so baaaddd! Urghh.irritating brother. He said "i'm sorry, i was in class".. blablabla. he should just told us earlier least. pffffttt..
I was so annoyed and pissed of and offended and ggrrhhh!. Haiihh.. angry no point. -.- sabar,sabar..

By the waaayy, saya mahu keluar jumpa girlfriend! :) Meeting AZRI IZZATI at Sunway Pyramid (again) tomorrow. whee! :D

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