Sunday, February 28, 2010

I-City.. the city of digital lights

Yesterday, after the maulidur rasul event, i went home, had my lunch, took bathe, did revise a bit on physics (i don't believe it too!) and went to shah alam after that.

We went to MSC i think..cause i didn't know where we're going at first and didn't bother to look at the signboards. And i ended up don't know where we went..haha. but i'm sure it's somewhere in shah alam cause i saw UITM. :D and a signboard that says I-CITY. lol

It's something like a technology stuffs.. emm. more to "light exhibition".. it's all colorful everywhere. It's all about lights.. i see nothing but lights (duhh! how can u see without light?) LOL.. anyways, here are some of the photos I've taken. Specially for this blog! (:

the FIRST thing that have caught my sights! 

Told's all about colorful lights.. and trees. :D

snow snow! It's cold in there..

with my younger brother. this picture is kinda blur.. abah snapped  it!


MAULIDUR RASUL celebration @ school! (:

PPI organized a program named kem kembara sirah to celebrate maulidur rasul (the birthday of our beloved Prophet Muhammad) yesteday (27th feb)

It was okay..we had fun. I was on duty..which means I'm one of the ajk la. At the same time, BSM was having their meeting which I'm supposed to attend cause I'm one of the ajk as well. I went there for awhile and rushed to PPI. Pei Vern and Suganiya handled almost everything during RCM. (sorry buddies! dis maulidur rasul thing is once a year)

I took some photos during the event..(even though i don really have time for that).. however, here they are. =) 

me, syairah and liyana
( i took this photo from Liyana's blog! XD )

We were getting ready 4 treasure hunt. checkpoint 4 rocks! :D

Group discussion

me and hasanah! haha
That's it for now..
We LOVE Muhammad pbuh! <3

Friday, February 19, 2010


I was happy earlier.. all because I thought we'll meet tomorrow as planned.
But she's not well. So, plan canceled. Have to wait another long holidays in order to hang out with her.
Izzati!! Get well.. See you month time? :(

Besides that, today i had a bad stomachache. It's killing me. I've no idea why.. Maybe food poisoned? But i didn't eat outside. Hmm..don't know laaaa. haihh...What a day man! Let's just hope tomorrow to be better. :(

BETTING for march test! :/

Ouuuuu yeeaa.. I'm betting for march test. My 'enemy' is Mr. Vincent Low..
Who ever gets more A's will win the money.. The money is not a big deal 4 me.. (cause it's just 10 bucks :p)
But if i lose, i'll be so humiliated..haha. you know,Vincent.. mr president.. So yeaahh.. wish me luck! :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

BAD and GOOD news! :) :(

Today i went out with PEI VERN, RACHAEL and SERENNAH..
We watched PERCY JACKSON at sunway pyramid. Percy is cute! (i know right?!!) lol
The good news is, we had so much fun!! The movie was okaay.. we had our dinner at Wendy's and tried on clothes at forever21 (that's wad lifeless ppl do). Roamed around while serennah and rachael were looking for gifts for their mum.
 This was random.. We are the Three Lifeless Freaks..haha. (Serennah is hiding behind d mirror)

The bad news brother!
He promised 2 pick me at 5.30..and we're supposed 2 drop rachael and serinnah at their place. BUT! He didn't show up. Called him billions times.. OFF. urgh! and my parents were still working..
and i stay at shah alam. wad do u expect? take cab from sunway 2 shah alam? T.T
Thank God 4 pei vern's PARENTS.. They dropped me at the KTM station around 6pm.
So, i went back with train. ALONE! :S
my mum picked me from the station..Thank God I'm safe. Pei vern's parents sent rachael and serinnah home as well. I felt so baaaddd! Urghh.irritating brother. He said "i'm sorry, i was in class".. blablabla. he should just told us earlier least. pffffttt..
I was so annoyed and pissed of and offended and ggrrhhh!. Haiihh.. angry no point. -.- sabar,sabar..

By the waaayy, saya mahu keluar jumpa girlfriend! :) Meeting AZRI IZZATI at Sunway Pyramid (again) tomorrow. whee! :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today, 14th of February 2010. I'd like to wish all my friends; happy Chinese New Year and happy Valentine's day..

I went to Berjaya Hills with my lil brother, elder bro and one sesated cousin. :D
We went there..actually just to add our photos collection. in other word, to POSE. haha.. It's such a romantic place and suitable for loving couples. I was there on valentine's day..but with wrong person lar.. haha. jk, adik! :P
It was sunny but wasn't hot.. lower temperature. cold breeze.. I'll definitely visit it again..but maybe with someone else. hee.
these are some of the photos i've taken.. (:
i <3 the environment. It's so chilling there..
A bit more taller, ameelda! then u can replace his place. XD

I'm the only guyy.. hahah

horses! (duhh)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dinner @ Holiday Villa!

Yo, peeps.. :)
I wasn't sure why..but my parents seemed to be happy today.. They brought us to holiday villa, subang for dinner.. I refused to take, i had a superb lasagna with a glass of vanilla milkshake (favourite!!). ;)
My kakak suffered finishing the chicken rice which was 2 plates size.. Others had their buffet and can't walk properly after that. we were really really repleted. Thanks mummy n abah.. (we usually get to 'food feast' only during buka puasa n raya) XP

Sunday, February 7, 2010

In boredom..

It's still a sunday. My 3rd post in the same day.haha.. i just felt dat my blog is kinda lame, so i'm trying 2 make it interesting..too bad, i've no idea how. :S
Tomorrow is a schooling day.. :(
I'm not well..having fever. but nothing i can do. Still hav 2 go 2 school. sighh..
hmm, Btw,i missed my friends in PENANG like mad! Guys, i miss u!! sobs..:(
Wonder when can i visit them.. =S

leadership workshop @ SUNWAY COLLEGE :D

Yesterday, 40 people from our school went to the sunway college for a leadership workshop thingy.
It was awesomee! :DD
The college is nice, i liked the environment. Nice people. Nice FOOD! lol
I took only few photos and i dono why. =.=
These are some of them..
This was during the treasure hunt.
i was blindfolded (didn't even know where's the camera). and i was honest! haha.
the other 2 girls are students from usj 13 and kota kemuning. (=

At the end of the session.
With students from other schools..
[credits 2 mun hong(usj13) for this picture!]

We were hyper.. (so obvious) haha

Ameelda has a blog! Lol..

Well, hello everyone! (:
This is my first time blogging. Tried before but failed. =( lol
Currently it's a sunday n i've nothing to do since i've done all my homework (LOL). So, i thought why not i create a blog? i always read about people and why not people read bout me? (:
I'll try 2 update my blog as often as possible.. (on sundays usually).
anyways, thanks 4 'dropping by' here and for reading wtv crap i'm writting. haha